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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Simple Guide To Make Money Fast From Event Blogging

Simple Guide To Make Money Fast From Event Blogging: Event Blogging now becomes an easy way to earn huge amount of money within a few days and 1-2 weeks. Today we’re sharing about how to make money from event blogging. Most of the event bloggers are earning money with simple articles, news, and other stuff.
Many major bloggers earned hundreds and thousands of Dollars with event blogging and many bloggers want to try their hand on the event blogging. There are some tactics which help to earn money from event blogging and drive traffic to your website.

Simple Guide To Make Money Fast From Event Blogging

Event Blogging: Make Money from Event Blogging

There is a step by step guide to make your event blogging successfully without getting fail. The First thing you have to be sure that you’re going to give proper time to your new blog because it’s not easy to Make Money from Event Blogging and make your new blog more search friendly within few days.
The search engine needs some time, so you should start the event blogging before 1 month of the event you choose.

Step 1. Event Blogging: Find an Awesome Event

The first thing you need is a perfect event which is most searchable on the internet, not just an event which is popular in a specific region. A perfect event may be a Christmas Eve or any sports event like PSL, IPL or Football WorldCup.
Most Search Keywords according to Events:
  • Christmas Eve Wishes
  • Easter Wishes
  • Big Bash League
  • Barclays Premier League
  • Barclays Premier League Top score
  • IPL & PSL score, Fixture and Rank Table.
  • Eid & Ramadan Wishes
  • FIFA WorldCup
  • Oscars
  • Valentine Week

Step 2. Event Blogging: Purchase a Domain

Once you have selected your specific event you can purchase a relevant domain and host. A relevant and perfect domain should have the same related term which you will be going to select as your event niche.
For example: 

  • You can purchase the (Country targeted) if you’re going to start a blog on Easter festival.
  • if you’re going to provides scores, news, and other things.

Step 3. Event Blogging: Create a Complete Blog

After you purchased the domain, now create a self-hosted blog on WordPress.You can also set up a new blog on blogger, but WordPress is the best platform for blogs and websites. The blog doesn’t give you full control on your website, but with WordPress, you can do anything with your blog.
You need a premium and high-quality WordPress theme, we prefer to use the Genesis framework on your blog. Genesis makes your blog loading fast and allow your visitors to see the content first and images after.
Here you can get free WordPress setup from experts.

Step 4. Event Blogging: Keyword Researching

Keywords researching is an essential process for blog posts. Keywords research plays a major role in the ranking of blog posts. Keywords are important to make sure that you’re using top search keywords on your blog. You can use any search keyword tool, there are many available on the internet.
Few of them are free and Google Keyword Planner Tool is one of them. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool for free, you just need to signup to Google AdWords.
Now make a proper list of keywords which are top searched. It's good to use the keyword which has less competition. Less competition will show your blog more whenever anyone searches for that query. This is a simple and effective technique for getting organic traffic.
Bing webmaster tools also allow you to search keyword, you should also optimize your blog posts for being because it is the second most used search engine worldwide.
Place keywords at right place
  1. Use Keywords in Title of the Blog post.
  2. Use Keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags.
  3. Use keywords in Meta Description.
  4. Use keywords in blogs posts images alt tag.

Step 5. Event Blogging: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization decides the future of your blog that your event blog is going to be successful or not.Especially when if you’re working a blog which will get organic traffic more than from other sources.
On page and off page SEO will helps to get top in the search results. On the page, SEO can be done with great SEO optimized website layout, SEO tags, external links, and others. Off-page, SEO is not as easy as on the page. You have to build your social image, share blog posts on social networks.
You can also adopt the SEO techniques which your competitor is using to get traffic. Here is the tutorial on How to steal your competitor’s backlinks, rankings & traffic.

Step 6. Event Blogging: Create High-quality Backlink

Bulk doesn’t mean good, the same story applies with the backlink. You should create backlink for your event niche blog. Most bloggers think that more backlinks lead to more traffic and money, but more backlink increases your chances of getting paralyzed by Google updates.
Focus on the quality while creating backlinks for your blog instead of quantity. Quantity may affect your blog rank and quality helps to make your blog worthy. You can create a list of blogs which are similar to your blog event niche. You can comment on blogs, comments increase the chance of getting traffic from the other blogs.

Step 7. Event Blogging: Monetization Methods

The main motive behind the event blogging is making money from blogging. So it is important to choose the proper method to monetize your event blog. There are hundreds of methods and options available, but I recommend you to use only 1 or 2 methods.

  1. Google Adsense is the first choice of many event bloggers because you’ll get a huge amount with Adsense, but if you’re not accepted on Adsense then go for other alternatives.
  2. Infolinks is the second best network to earn money from event blogging. I personally recommend using Infolinks on your event blog. Infolinks in-text ads can make hundreds of dollar from your blog even in not much traffic
  3. Chitika is the best option after Adsense, similar to Adsense you can place your ads in the sidebar, in the posts, header and in the bottom of the website. You’ll get a good amount on impressions and on clicks.
Others alternatives are OnClick Ads,, Clicksor, Kontera.


So we hope you like this post, these steps of Make Money from Event Blogging will definitely help you to choose the best event niche and method of making money from an event niche blog.

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